STAR-T offers an integrated system to support partners who want to build strong eLearning project.

STAR-T services always include:

  • Management of all  software and hardware issues
  • Written guarantee of their reliability
  • Free updates of e-learning platforms
  • Tutoring and Help Desk in real time (Skype)
  • Assistance for start-up  projects (or single courses)
  • Data protection and privacy

In addition to these services, our organization operates on request:

  • Individual tutoring on the course
  • Training of trainers and teachers
  • Production of learning units of any kind (text, multimedia, video etc)
  • Management of  platforms located by  partners
  • STAR-T creates professional, multimedia, interactive on-line courses for e-learning platforms and DVDs.
  • Starting from any text, video or presentation, our experts transform traditional teaching materials in multimedia interactive learning units, suitable for use on different digital media.

STAR-T offers to training and educational institutions the opportunity to design traning projects to make them accessible without restrictions of time or space. The quality and effectiveness of traning experience will be enhanced by the interactive tools the STAR-T platforms offer.

With STAR-T, training institutions can expand their geographical area and increase efficiency.
Courses supported by STAR-T :
  • are replicable and available for different users in different locations (including several languages)
  • have a register for the certification of  the on-line/off-line study time
  • make training in small groups profitable
  • reduce the educational materials to print

STAR-T services include the assistance of our staff during the start-up and design phase of the project, the training of teachers and the dey-to-day support.


STAR-T takes part to national and international consortia as technological partner.

We offer: sound experience in e-learning, webconference services, websites for the management of international projects, production of multilingual learning units, courses localization, project management and project results dissemination. Our services can be classified under code CPV 80420000 of the common procurement vocabulary (e-learning services) .

Our experts can work in English, German and French.  We offer high quality synthetic voices for voice-overs in all main languages.

Our experience in international partnerships:

  • Supplier of e-learning services and technilogies  for  “Tetra”,  EU funding  LifeLong Learning  GRUNDTVIG – Leader Partner: Modena Formazione.

    • Short project description:  Tetra is a project of entrepreneurial training for people who have high academic qualifications but who lack the opportunity to attend traditional training courses. In fact, Tetra is addressed to different categories of people who have social and/or professional difficulties (immigrants, women, disabled people). Tetra proposes an e-learning training programme to enhance the (cultural and technical) skills of  individuals,  to help them define and plan a business idea, as well as to start a micro enterprise.
  • Supplier of e-learning services and technologies for the blended learning project ” Fashion management”, EU funding   IFTS 2008 – Leader Partner: Carpi Formazione srl.
  • Supplier of e-learning services and technilogies for The International Academy of Physiological Regulating Medicine, multilingual website for medical doctors. Private financing.
  • Technological partner for the project “Think globally, act locally“, EU funding Lifelong Learning Programme –  Comenius Leader Partner: Istituto Tecnico Industriale da Vinci (Carpi – Italy).
  • Technological partner for the project Elisir, promoted and managed by  Banca Popolare Etica, EU funding Equal Action 3.
  • Supplier of  a website dedicated to the project coordination: Driving towards EQF, Leader Partner FONDAZIONE GIACOMO RUMOR CENTRO PRODUTTIVITA’ VENETO, EU financing ESF 2007-2013 .
Workplace safety for managers in e-learning (16 h)
  The course, available in Italian and English, consists of 4 sections corresponding to the topics required by the Italian legislation:

  •      Legal and regulatory issues
  •      Management and organization security
  •      Identification and assessment of risks
  •      Communication, training and consulting employees

Each section contains multimedia modules, study materials and intermediate quiz. At the end of the course, and after passing the final test, the platform allows the issuance of a certificate attesting the completion of the training. The course and the use of the platform are compliant with the law requirements and the expected duration of the on-line activities is 16 hours.

Workplace safety – General training module in e-learning (4h)
The course consists of 5 multimedia modules addressing the issues required by the Italian law, study materials and intermediate quizzes. At the end of the course, and after passing the final test, the platform allows the issuance of a certificate attesting the completion of the training. Upon request, the course can be customized both in content and graphics. The course and the use of the platform conform to the specifications of the law and the expected duration of the activity on-line is 4 hours.
Upon request, the course can be customized both in content, language and graphics. The course can be hosted on the platform or on another customized platforms for distance learning.  For any information and sales conditions please feel free to contact us at or fill in this form.

For foreign employees, the Italian legislation requires that the  understanding of the content assured by the use of a language they fully understand. To allow employers to comply with this requirement, STAR-T can translate the courses for the safety of workers and managers in English, French and Romanian.